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InnoGames Game Jam IV

On September 14-16, the InnoGames Game Jam held its fourth edition. During three days full of creative ideas, little sleep and even more energy drinks, a mix of internal and external developers, graphic designers and game designers tinkered together at their game ideas.

After 48 hours, the 60 participants were able to present plenty of cool games – all based on the chosen theme of black and white. The winners of the fourth InnoGames Game Jams are Pascal, Tim, Alexander and Tobias with their game „Hans and Jamal“, which is a cool black and white Jump & Run. You can play the game here and watch the gameplay video on youtube.

Game Jam initiator Michael Indyk is already planning the next version of the event and wants to share some personal insights with you:


For me a Game Jam is a great opportunity to meet people who think that game development is more than a job – people who are full of vigor, motivation and ideas. I think when such people meet others with the same love, magical things can happen. It is unbelievable how much potential such events can develop. Put one person full of ideas into a team and he or she will inspire everyone. Put two people of this type into a team and you will get an explosion of creativity – the ideas will quadruple themselves. This is exactly the reason why I like to organize the Game Jam.

What´s up next?

The InnoGames Game Jam is still very young. There are many details which can be optimized in the future. The feedback is very positive every time, but for me being the organizer, there will be always some things which can be done in another way; For example, how to order the enormous amount of food, clean my presentation of all the “uuums” and “aahhs” or to find the perfect starting time. That’s why the InnoGames Game Jam will be an event which is always in change, to find the best solution possible for everyone. I am excited to see what the optimum solution will look like.

What has InnoGames got to do with it?

First, InnoGames eased our cravings for delicious food (the 1703 bucks were well spent, thanks!). But the most important reason, in my eyes, for this kind of event, is to present InnoGames as the company which it really is: a place, where a backend developer like me is able to work on an idea like this and gets all the support he can dream of. A place where every Friday means “InnoDay” – where you have time to talk with your colleagues about new ideas and work on your own projects with people from other teams. For example I used one of these days to install a motion sensor inside the soccer table room and link it to our LAN, so my colleagues don´t have to run down the stairs to check if the room is available.

I hope I was able to give you another perspective on this event. If you have questions about or feedback on the InnoGames Game Jam, feel free to send an email to I will answer as fast as possible.

4th InnoGames Game Jam: Developing Games in 48 Hours

Have you ever wondered what a Game Jam is all about and what you can do there? From the 14th to the 16th of September, you can find out for yourself at our 4th InnoGames Game Jam. Together with developers, graphic artists and game designers, you will face the challenge of developing a game about a given topic in only 48 hours. What type of game will be totally up to you: Do you want to create a jump & run? Go for it! Are you more into action games? Also fine! Have you ever tried developing a pure text adventure? Now is the perfect time! The participants of the last InnoGames Game Jam created 14 games with a “survival” theme. However, a Game Jam is not only about developing, designing and coding nonstop for 48 hours. Having fun together and exchanging with others is also a part of a Game Jam, of course, as well as lots of energy drinks 😉 You can read in our corporate blog what it was like to take part in our 3rd InnoGames Game Jam.

The 4th InnoGames Game Jam will again take place at our Hamburg offices. Besides InnoGames employees, the event is also open for external guests. Of course, we provide attendees with free food and drinks. Additionally, we have some cozy sleeping places in our office for you and your sleeping bags. Therefore, all you need to bring is a personal computer and some motivation to create games. Are you interested? Just send a mail to and tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to take part. You can find additional information about the InnoGames Game Jam on our homepage at: