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A weekend full of creativity – InnoGames Game Jam VI is finished

Computer games are extremely complex entities in which its development needs big teams, a lot of money and even more time. At least that’s the general opinion when it comes to this topic, right? Well, our regular InnoGames Game Jam proves the opposite. This weekend, we again united people from various areas and put their creative minds to a severe test.

Creating computergames requires full attention

The response this time was as great as ever! Within 48 hours, about 80 participants from all parts of Germany gathered in our headquarters in Hamburg to create new games under the given theme „Violence”. The teams chose different approaches for this special topic, most of them were over the top and ironic. Starting on Friday afternoon, many teams spent the first hours thinking about setting, genre and platform. After clearing that up, the whole Saturday was then all about the actual game development and graphic creation. Whether programmers, sound designers or graphic designers, everyone was fully concentrated and motivated to create the best game ever in that short amount of time.

testing the game

Just before the end of the countdown on Sunday, it became quite hectic in many teams. Last bugs had to be eradicated in order to finally present a running version of the game. No one would have thought that 48 hours could be so short! And yet 18 games all in all were presented on late Sunday afternoon. Games for all platforms and from genres were present: from Jump ‚N‘ Run and classic 2D shooters, to a quartet alternative for mobile phones. Not an easy task for the jury to select the best three games, but in the end, the winners were clear:

First place in the InnoGames Game Jam VI goes out to mobile game „Papzilla“ in which you have to destroy a carefully designed paper-town. A gameplay video for the really great game can be found here.

the winner team

Second place was given to the game „Garden Party“, in which you take the role of a lawn mower. The third place on the podium went to the game „diagnosis Woilenz“, a fun 2D shooter.

A big thank you goes out to all the participants and organizers for the great weekend! By the way, an even more detailed report on InnoGames Game Jam VI, including a cool video will be up on here soon, so stay tuned!

It’s time again! – InnoGames invites you to Game Jam

Finally, one of my favorite events is back up: The InnoGames Game Jam! For the sixth time we gather professionals and beginners of game development and have them create completely new games within 48 hours. Divided into teams, everyone who has the desire to create games is invited: from game designers to graphic artists, sound specialists and programmers.

There are no technical limitations to what is possible – You decide which platform you want to program or what language you use for it. The only requirement is your software must free to use and freely available. During our past Game Jams we already had a lot of cool games emerging. The winners of the fourth Game Jam created the entertaining Jump & Run „Hans and Jamal“, which you can try for yourself here. Last Game gave birth to the Tower offense strategy game “Frankenstein”.

Now you wonder where the whole event is to take place? As with the last Game Jams, we will once again open the hallowed halls of our Hamburg office and sponsor with greasy food and lots of energy drinks. The only thing you need is your hardware, lots of creative ideas and of course perseverance, because you will hardly sleep!

The Game Jam will take place between June 21 and 23: Gotten interested? Then just send us a mail to with a short introduction of yourself and an explanation why exactly you would like to participate in the Game Jam. We look forward to your applications!