InnoGames Game Jam 6 – Let’s jam together!

Are you into developing games? Do you have great ideas? Are you interested in working in a highly motivated team? If you answered yes, then you should join the sixth InnoGames Game Jam! We’d like to invite you to our headquarters in Hamburg and bring you together with creatives from different working areas to develop a completely new game. The rules are simple: The team which develops the best game in 48 hours wins.


What: Game Jam!

When: 28. – 30. March 2014 (Friday until Sunday)

Where: InnoGames BRAND NEW Headquarters (Friesenstraße 13 22097 Hamburg)

Who: Anybody who likes making games – you don’t need specific skills

Interested? Then send us an email to (deadline: 16.03.14) to introduce yourself and tell us why you want to take part.

Still need more information? Check out the video featuring last year’s InnoGames Game Jam:

Game Jam

A Game Jam unites developers, graphic artists, game designers or newcomers from different working areas and challenges them to develop a completely new game. Biggest challenge: The lack of time. You have only 48 hours for the complete development process – after that period of time, your game has to be finished.

InnoGames Game Jam

Besides the rooms that we offer you, we will also care of your stamina. Next to the traditional pizza, we provide lots of snacks and drinks, including tons of energy drink, so you can turn the night into day! In case you want to sleep, you should bring you own sleeping bag. The same applies for your needed hardware.

Game Jam V WinnerThemes search

As every Jam has a theme, you are invited to suggest one. Our last themes were: “Lost”, “Space”, “Survival”, “black / white”, “heartbeat” (global game jam) or “violence”. Other Game Jams had, for example, themes like: “you only get one”, “10 seconds”, “minimalism”, “Evolution”.

We are looking forward to your email and hopefully to see you soon.