InnoGames Game Jam 6 – The biggest and best yet!

Wow, what a weekend! In the past, the InnoGames Game Jams were always great events. This one last weekend, though, will be remembered for a long time. Over 120 participants, far more than ever before, made it to one of the biggest game jams you can find in Germany.

Sound designer

Following the motto “ridiculous”, 24 teams were created to face the challenge of developing a complete new game within 48 hours. After discussing ideas through a brainstorming session on Friday, all participants started with the actual programming. Graphic artists, sound designers and developers worked together and first prototypes were created quickly. Just before the end of the countdown on Sunday, it became quite hectic in many teams. Last bugs had to be eradicated in order to finally present a running version of the game.

Hard working teams

Once started with the presentation of the games, lots of jaws dropped. It’s always awesome to see how high the quality of the games created in such a short time period can be. From strategy pc games to action packed apps, the spectrum of games was just incredible.

IMG_Graphic ArtistFirst place in the InnoGames Game Jam 6 goes out to the strategy game “Dude Log” (download executable). Second place was given to the game „Das Amt“ (play online), and the third place on the podium went to the App „Walking Heads“ (watch mobile gameplay). In total, 24 brilliant games were developed during the event, and we’re proud of each one.

In any case, we had a lot of fun and we hope to see you all on the next InnoGames Game Jam!