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New Year, New Game Jam: InnoGames attends GGj 2015

The year 2015 has hardly started and we are already hosting a new Game Jam! This time, we will be part of the Global Game Jam 2015, which is the biggest Game Jam in the world. Last year, the Global Game Jam had 488 locations in over 70 countries and this time you can be part of it too!


What: Game Jam!

When: 23. – 25. January 2014 (Friday until Sunday)

Where: InnoGames Headquarters (Friesenstraße 13, 20097 Hamburg)

Who: Anybody who likes making games – you don’t need specific skills

The general rules for the Global Game Jam are the same as for our InnoGames Game Jams: All participants have 48 hours to create a whole new game. If that seems hard enough, the theme of the Jam will be announced only right before the countdown starts. So no time to prepare anything beforehand!

The whole weekend, InnoGames takes care of your stamina. You can look forward to free food and tons of energy drinks! Additionally we provide you with high speed internet und sleeping areas – but in view of the hard time limit you can’t really use that…


Interested? Then send us an email to to introduce yourself and tell us why you want to take part.

We are looking forward to your email and hopefully to see you soon.


The Return of Busy Nights: InnoGames’ 7th Game Jam Comes in November

After a great outcome in gamescom, the InnoGames Game Jam returns to its birthplace in Hamburg in November! After six previous successful jams this event marks the seventh Game Jam for InnoGames and it will take place from November 14-16 inside our offices.

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Be Part of InnoGames’ Next Game Jam

Ladies and gentlemen we are proud to announce our 7th InnoGames Game Jam!
The wait is almost over and since November has shorter days, it means that the 14th of. November is almost here!
That’s right! Our next Game Jam will take place from the 14th to the 16th and we would love to see you there!

All you have to do is shoot us an email to and write a brief introduction. Don’t forget to tell us why you want to join this incredible event, apart from the fact that it’s awesome… Please remember that although our offices are big, space is still limited so there is no guarantee that everyone will be able to join.

As always we will provide food and drinks, and if you feel inclined to sleep, there is always space on the floor, desk, or anywhere in the office. Of course we’d recommend bringing a sleeping pad / air mattress since it will definitely enhance your sleeping experience

Hyped? Good! If not, we have a video that might change your mind. Below you can see footage of our first gamescom Game Jam! Along with some pictures to get you into the right mood.

We are looking forward to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

If you want more information please check out the Game Jam section of our corporate page.

Our headquarters location: Friesenstraße 13, 20097 Hamburg

InnoGames Game Jam 6 – Let’s jam together!

Are you into developing games? Do you have great ideas? Are you interested in working in a highly motivated team? If you answered yes, then you should join the sixth InnoGames Game Jam! We’d like to invite you to our headquarters in Hamburg and bring you together with creatives from different working areas to develop a completely new game. The rules are simple: The team which develops the best game in 48 hours wins.


What: Game Jam!

When: 28. – 30. March 2014 (Friday until Sunday)

Where: InnoGames BRAND NEW Headquarters (Friesenstraße 13 22097 Hamburg)

Who: Anybody who likes making games – you don’t need specific skills

Interested? Then send us an email to (deadline: 16.03.14) to introduce yourself and tell us why you want to take part.

Still need more information? Check out the video featuring last year’s InnoGames Game Jam:

Game Jam

A Game Jam unites developers, graphic artists, game designers or newcomers from different working areas and challenges them to develop a completely new game. Biggest challenge: The lack of time. You have only 48 hours for the complete development process – after that period of time, your game has to be finished.

InnoGames Game Jam

Besides the rooms that we offer you, we will also care of your stamina. Next to the traditional pizza, we provide lots of snacks and drinks, including tons of energy drink, so you can turn the night into day! In case you want to sleep, you should bring you own sleeping bag. The same applies for your needed hardware.

Game Jam V WinnerThemes search

As every Jam has a theme, you are invited to suggest one. Our last themes were: “Lost”, “Space”, “Survival”, “black / white”, “heartbeat” (global game jam) or “violence”. Other Game Jams had, for example, themes like: “you only get one”, “10 seconds”, “minimalism”, “Evolution”.

We are looking forward to your email and hopefully to see you soon.

It’s time again! – InnoGames invites you to Game Jam

Finally, one of my favorite events is back up: The InnoGames Game Jam! For the sixth time we gather professionals and beginners of game development and have them create completely new games within 48 hours. Divided into teams, everyone who has the desire to create games is invited: from game designers to graphic artists, sound specialists and programmers.

There are no technical limitations to what is possible – You decide which platform you want to program or what language you use for it. The only requirement is your software must free to use and freely available. During our past Game Jams we already had a lot of cool games emerging. The winners of the fourth Game Jam created the entertaining Jump & Run „Hans and Jamal“, which you can try for yourself here. Last Game gave birth to the Tower offense strategy game “Frankenstein”.

Now you wonder where the whole event is to take place? As with the last Game Jams, we will once again open the hallowed halls of our Hamburg office and sponsor with greasy food and lots of energy drinks. The only thing you need is your hardware, lots of creative ideas and of course perseverance, because you will hardly sleep!

The Game Jam will take place between June 21 and 23: Gotten interested? Then just send us a mail to with a short introduction of yourself and an explanation why exactly you would like to participate in the Game Jam. We look forward to your applications!

InnoGames connects creatives all over the world! We will be part of the Global Game Jam 2013!

You are creative, you have dozens of great ideas, and you want to create an amazing new game? No problem! From the 25th to the 27th of January 2013, the Global Game Jam will take place in over 50 countries around the world – InnoGames holds up the flag of Hamburg and invites you to be part of our creative team!

Like at our last Game Jams, we will spend 48 hours developing a completely new game and competing with many other creatives around the world. Once again, we will have a mix of internal and external developers, graphic artists and game designers working together on their ideas of a new game. And of course we will provide you with crates of energy drinks and food.
Gotten interested? To apply, just write us an email to and tell us who you are, what developing knowledge you have and why you want to join.

Hope to see you there!

4th InnoGames Game Jam: Developing Games in 48 Hours

Have you ever wondered what a Game Jam is all about and what you can do there? From the 14th to the 16th of September, you can find out for yourself at our 4th InnoGames Game Jam. Together with developers, graphic artists and game designers, you will face the challenge of developing a game about a given topic in only 48 hours. What type of game will be totally up to you: Do you want to create a jump & run? Go for it! Are you more into action games? Also fine! Have you ever tried developing a pure text adventure? Now is the perfect time! The participants of the last InnoGames Game Jam created 14 games with a “survival” theme. However, a Game Jam is not only about developing, designing and coding nonstop for 48 hours. Having fun together and exchanging with others is also a part of a Game Jam, of course, as well as lots of energy drinks 😉 You can read in our corporate blog what it was like to take part in our 3rd InnoGames Game Jam.

The 4th InnoGames Game Jam will again take place at our Hamburg offices. Besides InnoGames employees, the event is also open for external guests. Of course, we provide attendees with free food and drinks. Additionally, we have some cozy sleeping places in our office for you and your sleeping bags. Therefore, all you need to bring is a personal computer and some motivation to create games. Are you interested? Just send a mail to and tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to take part. You can find additional information about the InnoGames Game Jam on our homepage at: